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Digital, Data and Technology

Digital, Data and Technology are fundamental to NHSBT’s national operations. In addition to providing a data centre, desktop and routine support services, the DDaT function is responsible for managing and developing critical systems which ensure the safe provision of blood, tissues, stem cells and organs to hospitals and patients across the country.

One of our key systems – PULSE – represents critical national infrastructure given its role in ensuring the safety and traceability of blood and tissues. Even limited periods of downtime or slow performance can cause significant disruptions to the complex vein-to-vein supply chain – spanning donor marketing and blood collection to testing, manufacturing, national logistics and hospital services.

Other key systems include:

  • ODT Hub – This system was designed and developed by NHSBT to facilitate the allocation of organs to patients across the country. Availability and performance are paramount given the time critical nature of organ donation and transplantation.
  • Organ Donor Register – This system holds critical consent information on over 25 million people who have registered their wishes about organ donation. This system has now been updated.
  • Haematos – Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which holds all of our test results for our diagnostic and stem cell activities. Its operation is critical to the functioning of these operations and hence patient safety.